Artist Statement

The relationship we have with handmade pottery is unlike that of other Art objects. It is personal, relational, and intimate. As such, I create sculptural vessels intended for physical use. It is of paramount importance to me as a maker to marry art and craft within the confines of function. We fill our lives with objects; I want my contribution to our world to be both elegant and utilitarian, evocative and sensual.

I draw great inspiration from the natural world. My vessels are imbued with volume, and are reminiscent of organic life forms found within the ocean and on land. I am fascinated with the plumpness of sea tunicates, flower ovaries and seed pods. I am mesmerized by cloud formations. I heavily manipulate my wheel thrown forms by hand to incorporate a quality of pillowy fullness within an organized but imperfect formal anatomy. I stretch and push the clay into billows, and bind these structures with a criss-crossing of geometric line to create convex swells within the walls of each vessel. I glaze each piece to accentuate the form, and have utilized colors from the natural world that complement each vessel.

 My work is hand-thrown and altered Grolleg porcelain, and fired to cone 6 in an oxidation atmosphere.